Coin Master Village Cost

On of the key goals in Coin Master is to build villages. You need Coins to build villages. The Coin Master Village cost is determined by the village number. The first village costs about 4 million coins. The highest village costs over 100 billion coins. One of the best strategies in Coin Master is to build only a village if you have enough coins to build it at once. This way you cannot be attacked and have to rebuild your village. But what are the Coin Master village cost of your current village?

How to calculate your Coin Master village cost

There is a simple way to calculate how much your current village costs. In the Coin Master game go to the building screen and look at the cost of the first item in the last row. Multiply this amount by 30. This gives you an accurate estimate of the Coin Master Village cost.

Take the cost of the first item of the last row in a village and multiply this by 30 to get the total village cost

Example of the village costs for village 

The best way to show how to calculate the Coin Master Village cost is to show it. For example, if you take village 113. The first item on the last row costs 228,000 coins. If you multiply this by 30 you get a total village cost of 6,85 million. Make sure you have at least 6,85 million coins if you start building this village.

Complete list village cost

If you are a bit lazy and don't want to calculate the Coin Master village cost, look at the complete list of village cost here.

Bonus tip for building villages in Coin Master

A great tip for building villages is to do this only when it is village master. If you complete a village during this event you get extra spins, coins and xp for your pets. Village master usually starts at the beginnen of e new main event. Sometimes Village master is for a few hours, sometimes it lasts for half a day. Make sure you build at the right moment!